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Jordan has a special place in the history of Islam, as it was the first territory to which Islam spread outside of the Arabian peninsula. It was also the site of the first contact between Islam and the non-Arab world. Jordan also has many Islamic monuments, shrines and tombs that were a result of the three main strategic battles fought on Jordan’s territory the Mutah, Fahl, and Yarmouk.

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Jordan TOUR

  • 1

    Flight to Amman

  • 2

    After breakfast head towards Kerak where we will visit the Shrine of Prophet Noah (Nuh) (PBUH). Al-Mazar Al Shamali where you will visit the Shrine of Prophet Dawud (PBUH) and the tombs (Maqamat) of Ja'afar bin- Abi Taleb / Zaid bin Haritha / Abdullah bin Rawahah, all who were martyred in the battle of Mutah. Continue to Petra where you can view the shrine of Prophet Harun 'Aaron' the brother of Prophet Musa 'Moses' dinner and overnight Petra

  • 3

    After breakfast, full day tour to the Red Rose City Petra, Upon arrival you will begin an unforgettable trip on horse back till the siq after by foot till you reach the Treasury. The local guide will give a brief history of the city the greatest Tourist attraction in the middle East. the Nabateans carved this capital of theirs from the living rock of the surrounding mountains in Petra. Among other monuments for the visitors today are Pharaoh's Castle, the Triumphal arch, the Amphitheater and Monastery, stop at MOSES' Spring which is still flowing till today on to Amman

  • 4

    After breakfast, we will depart to visit Ashabul Kahf (Raqeem Cave ) where al Raqeem cave lies. Onto Mount Nebo (the site where Prophet Yehya (PBUH) died) and where Prophet Moses (PBUH) stood and viewed the Holy Land , depart to airport for return flight.


Martyrs battle of Mutah:

The Battle of Mutah was fought in the 8th year of Hijri, near the village of Mutah (currently located near the city of Karak in Jordan), between Muslims and the army of Byzantine Empire (Roman Empire). Today Shrines of Ja’far bin Abi Taleb, Zaid bin Haritha and Abdullah bin Rawaha lay there.

Maqam of Prophet Yusha {AS}:

Maqam of Prophet Yusha {AS}, a Prophet that was very close to Prophet Musa {AS} he took his place as the leader of the Bani Israil after his death.

Yusha {AS} as the great grandson of Prophet {AS}, his full name being Yusha bin Nun bin Afraeem bin Yusuf.

Abu Ubayda ibn al-Jarrah:

Was a commander and one of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad {SAW}. He is mostly known for being one of the ten to whom Paradise was promised. He remained commander of a large section of the Rashidun Army during the time of the Rashid Caliph Umar



Petra known for its famous archaeological located in Jordan's southwestern desert. It was the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom. Accessible via canyon called Al Siq, contains tombs and temples carved into pink sandstone cliffs. Also known as Rose City. Al Khazneh, a temple with an ornate, also known as The Treasury.

Cave of the seven sleeper:

Cave of Seven Sleepers

Mentioned in the Holy Quran in Surah Kahf. The cave is located in the suburb of Abu Alanda

This is the cave in which a group of pious youths sought refuge from a tyrannical pagan king and in which Allah {SAW} caused them to sleep for 300 years.

Moses spring:

Also known as Ayn Musa) is a natural spring located at the main junction into Wadi Musa East of Petra. The spring was formed by Moses striking a rock. Now a three domed structure is built over the spring, which is flowing to this day.

Mount Nebo:

Mount Nebo

Known asJabal Nībū an elevated ridge located in Jordan, Part of the Abarim mountain range, Mount Nebo where Musa {AS} was granted a view of the Promised Land.The view from the summit provides a panorama of the West Bank across the Jordan River valley. The city of Jericho is usually visible.

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